Sandie Ward

Yours Truly...

Wow, a whole page just about me?

Taking pictures is who I am and what I do. There is so much to the process that I find so beautiful and compelling.

I could be called a jack of all trades...not limted to just taking images. Ward Studios gave me the opportunity to create high end custom Interior wall finishes. Clients included Cary Grant's estate in Beverly Hills, Fletcher Jones Mercedes Benz as well as custom homes in Atlanta and California. An accomplished painter, my art on canvas has sold to Designers and private collectors. Designing one-of-a-kind garments for women allowed me to explore the whimsical side of fashion and lead to a fashion show for The Ferrari Club of California.

My most recent and current passion for the last several years has been my blog, The Food Stalker, "Where Food and Fashion Collide". The blog has been an outlet for me to share what I enjoy doing most in this world; writing, eating, traveling and photography. Telling stories is a drug for me. A drug worth passing around. Traveling the world, documenting adventures has been one hell-of-ride. Interviews and events with the likes of Wolfgang Puck, David Lynch, Daniel Boulud, Author Virginia Postrel, Stan Herman founder of NY Fashion week and others, have allowed me to meet new people with big ideas and global concepts. Being not only in front of the camera, but behind the lens has given me keen insights to creating images. It’s helped shape the person I am today and has lead me to focus on my photography.

Why am I a photographer and what keeps me going? Having the camera is a license to enter the lives of others. Taking the viewers on a visual journey someplace they personally may never see brings me joy. My primary focus is the beauty and raw emotion found in each moment. I approach each project and event with a passion to get the best shots possible, put my heart and soul into my work and believe it shows. What a gift, to show others what your soul is feeling!

Each of us can grow and redefine who we are by owning and sharing the journey that is ours. My goal is to inspire others, never stop learning and connect and communicate face-to-face as much and as often as possible. No doubt, this adventure has been colorful and I have appreciated the opportunities that have emerged from what many of us might mistakenly call ‘mistakes’. Are they really? Or are they decorating your soul to move you to the next level of brilliance? We all have the gift of reinventing and coming into our truest, deepest selves, no matter what stage of life.

I live and work in Laguna Beach and can be found gracing on-line newspapers and publications, volunteering, in the crowd shooting live music or with my team thinking up something fabulous for our clients, wherever they may be (yes, this intrepid explorer is always up for travel).

When not working I love being with family and friends, listening to music, cooking, walking on the beach and kissing my husband. For everyone who has touched my life, given freely to share knowledge and been a part of my journey, heartfelt thanks. 949-510-6066 cell 949-494-5859 Studio

Please call or email for more information and be sure to stop by the blog to say hello

"Creativity is a drug I can't live without" ~ Sandie Ward

Clients Include: LV Moet TAG Heuer, Laguna Art Museum, The Laguna Playhouse, SLS Hotel - Beverly Hills, W Hotel Austin, Luxury Marketing Council